Photography Packages


Reflect Session

Where is your family most at ease and at their happiest? I'll meet you there! I specialize in offering gentle direction that fosters an environment where your family feels safe enough to show up as their true selves. No stiff poses or forced smiles. My goal is to simply be there--camera in hand--to reflect the joy radiating from you and your loves as you play, laugh and love on one another. Yes, I can do this even if you have a grumpy toddler, an unsure teen or a self-conscious spouse. All you have to do is come as you are and let me do the rest.

*Session is approx. 90 minutes. Includes one 16”x 20” of your favorite image. Please contact me for pricing.


Illuminate Session

These in-depth sessions are handled with a careful, documentary approach. We schedule a block of time in your morning or evening hours where I show up to tell the story of your current season of life through my photography. All I ask is that you don't change a thing. If you'll allow me into the sacred space of your home, I promise I'll leave you with photographic proof of all the honest beauty your life contains, just as it is right now. I know it's there and so worthy of being celebrated. It's time you saw it too. 

*Includes one 16”x 20” and two 11”x14”s of your favorite images. Please contact me for pricing.



Your business is more than just another brand. It's a story. I'm here to make sure that story finds it's way to your clients through photographs that come alive and draw them in. I handle these shoots the same way I do my lifestyle sessions: with the belief that honesty and beauty are powerful mediums when paired together. I'm all about working alongside you to create natural, honest imagery that communicates trust and delight to your clients. Whatever element your products are designed to be utilized in, I'll meet you there to create images that give people every reason to invest in what you've worked so hard to give them. 

*Please contact me for pricing.



On your wedding day, there's nothing more important to me than documenting (and celebrating!) the love you and your future spouse share. This means I'm passionately focused on translating your story into beautiful, emotive imagery that will move you for years to come. My approach is to communicate the soft touches, the intimate glances, the unwavering commitment you've both found in one another. While a beautiful dress, a packed dance floor and a fancy cake are fun and have their place, I'm more about making sure you walk away with tangible proof of how beautiful and powerful your unique love story is. So, if you're all about working with someone who knows how to quiet the unnecessary busyness of a traditional wedding day so that--together--we can make space for your love story to flourish, you're in the right place. 

*Please contact me for pricing