Not too long ago, I realized I was craving a tangible way to hold on to hope. Photography gave that to me. I picked up a camera and quickly realized it was the tool I needed to shut out the darkness and bring in the light. Whether I'm making these images for myself or others, I come alive. I rise. It's a lifeline tethering me to the good worth fighting for in this life. The images I make speak clearly of that.

So if you, like me, have walked through the shadows, I'm honored you're here. By working together to document your days, I'm inviting you to do what photography has enabled me to do for years: believe that the act of relentlessly seeking out beauty in this world has the power to heal and restore.

I am Alison Little. I am Visual Uprising.

*I'm currently based out of southwest Virginia, but am up for meeting you anywhere (bonus points if it's a national park with hiking involved). As each project is unique, please contact me for individual travel quotes.